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Why Photography is Important for Las Vegas Real Estate

In the real estate market, photography is of the utmost importance because it can motivate the buyer to view your home, and possibly make an offer.

las vegas real estate photography

According to The National Association of Realtors, 90% of potential homebuyers begin searching for a home online. Of that 90%, nearly 62% of buyers walked through a home after they saw it, 76% drove to view a home they’ve seen and 98% of buyers stated that photos were very influential in the decision-making process. So, why is photography of a property so important to the ability to sell it for the best price?
Here are few reasons why: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Nowhere is this truer than in property marketing, and increasingly so in the 21st Century. If the seller believes their home is worth the investment of photography, they’ll probably ask more money for it and, surprisingly, get it.
Photos are Visual Storytellers
People make purchases for emotional reasons. Time-crunched shoppers are online and are attracted to striking photographs, simplifying their decision to visit a property in person and speeds up the buying cycle. Even though all buyers have a “must haves” list, they can fall in love with and ultimately buy a home because of some unique features and options, even if they are missing several of the “must haves”.
Photos Attract More Buyers and Sell Faster
Photographs bring in buyers and ultimately contribute to a faster sale at the best price. They capture buyers’ attention, selling faster than those who lists without them. Plus the sooner a home sells, the more likely it is to attain the asking price or even have buyers bidding over the home. After all, the first offers are often the best ones.


First Impressions are Important
There are a lot of homes listed online and more and more people are using it in their search for a home. Pictures are the first impression prospect buyers see online. To stand out and gain an edge in such a crowded market, a listing has to make an incredible, stand-alone first impression. If a property fails to give a good first impression online, then it’s possible the listing may not be shown. Remember, visual aids form a better impression than just text descriptions about a house. Without this, few if any buyers will show much interest.

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